Online Science Classes & Clubs

On this page you’ll find our online science clubs and classes.

Option 1 – Live online science classes and clubs in small groups (5-12 usually).


Option 2 – On demand, self paced versions of our live science clubs, where we send you the kit and an access code with follow along tutorials for you to explore science at home in your own time.

These brilliant resources came out of lockdown, where I was eager to keep the momentum going for science education with the families who knew us and were regulars club attendees.

Straight away, I realised it could only work really well if I made sure the youngsters had the correct kit, so that is what we did. I create the activities and the clubs and I package and send the kit to everyone before the club starts. 

We ran many free events online during lockdown which reached families across the world, it was phenomenal. These sessions are run every now and then and are so popular even as the world opened up again.

We actually love packaging the kits for you, and I know the children love to receive a goody box full of cool science stuff!

Which are you gong to choose – live clubs or the self-paced ones?

See us in action on our YouTube channel here.


  • Jo Hancock, Biology Online Club
    Ruth was brilliant at engaging my daughter in the home ed biology lessons, Danielle really enjoyed them and Ruth was happy to help and answer everyone's questions. looking forward to joining more Home ed sessions in the future.
    Jo Hancock, Biology Online Club
  • Danielle, 11, Online Club
    I've loved doing my home ed biology lessons with Ruth they were really fun she answered all my questions and didn't rush.
    Danielle, 11, Online Club
  • Aidan, aged 8
    The sick experiment was my favourite
    Aidan, aged 8
  • Dylan, aged 6
    I liked the gene making, but everything was good
    Dylan, aged 6
  • Hope, aged 11
    You and the group were amazing
    Hope, aged 11
  • George, aged 11
    Me and Jack's favourite was the owl pellet, everything you do is perfect.
    George, aged 11
  • Laura, Yorkshire
    Thank you so much to the team at Sciencedipity. My girls absolutely love science and the online classes have definitely made this aspect of home educating fun and accessible. Thank you so much and can't wait to get involved with more science
    Laura, Yorkshire
  • Franny, Mid Devon
    Thank you, Ruth, for your seriously inspiring online science sessions. My two kids spent many days afterwards re-creating the experiments in different ways - thanks to the excellent equipment kits you sent in the post. It's brilliant how you teach them the scientific principles behind the fun stuff, they love going on to apply those principles in other situations. They have learned so much and we will definitely be back for more.
    Franny, Mid Devon
  • Beth, USA
    We had a marvellous time. Your energy and creativity are really appreciated. My son loves the class.
    Beth, USA
  • Lisanne, Devon
    He really enjoyed it, he was absolutely buzzing afterwards and is looking forward to next week
    Lisanne, Devon
  • Rachael, Cornwall
    I can not thank you enough for today. The kids absolutely loved it!
    Rachael, Cornwall
  • Liz, North Devon
     just wanted to say a massive thank you for this morning, the children so enjoyed it!
    Liz, North Devon
  • Angela, Plymouth
    Each session had three really fun and engaging activities, well taught and explained. None of the activities were “duds” or time fillers and my daughter was inspired to follow up each session with further investigation. The sessions were well priced and we are sad they have come to an end
    Angela, Plymouth
  • Joanna, Online Clubs
    Many thanks for your amazing lessons! They are so good at inspiring young scientists and introducing scientific concepts in a fun way.
    Joanna, Online Clubs
  • Beth, Online
    Absolutely fantastic online classes. My 5yo looks forward to them every week and it has really fed his love of science and provided lots more avenues for him to explore in his own time. The kits are always well organised and the little added treats make it that bit more special and exciting for young children to receive.
    Beth, Online
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