Community Events, Theme Parks, Shopping Centres, Museums, Festivals, Hotels & Holiday Parks, Family Days, Private Function, etc!


Ruth and her dedicated team will bring award winning children’s entertainment (called science edutainment!) to your event, guaranteed to be engaging and exciting for the families and children attending.


Our children’s entertainment package will be bespoke for you to fit into your requirements and space, and could have one of the following formats:


1 – An exciting & interactive science show

2 – Timed workshops where youngsters make something to take home

3 – A fun drop-in science activity

4 – Online, hands on science workshops (we can provide individually packaged resources & materials too)


Whatever you need, we’ll work out the perfect children’s entertainment package for you.


Prices start from £500 for a day of curiously fun science or £80 for a 1 hour online workshop. The final cost will depend on mileage and consumables.


Chat with us and we will create the best children’s entertainment activities to match your event, footfall and space.

1) Science Show:

Bring the intriguing world of science to life with our interactive Chemistry Lab Adventures Science show. We’ve taken our favourite and “wow” demo’s to create an educational and exciting presentation which includes plenty of audience participation and highlights chemistry in everyday life.

In this show, we find out what a chemical reaction really is and how to spot one! We delve into states of matter, conjure up oxygen and carbon dioxide gasses, and brace yourself for exothermic & endothermic reactions featuring the legendary Elephant Toothpaste.

This science show lasts for about 45 minutes, is suitable for ages 5 to 10 and includes audience participation.

2) Workshop or 3) Drop-in Activity examples:

Duration & cost of workshop/drop in children’s entertainment will be designed for your event, so please get in touch with how long your event is and the expected approximate number of youngsters/ families and we’ll reply with an outline of what we’d offer and a price.

Bath Bomb making

Science for the senses! Have fun learning about the scientific secrets behind creating an amazing bath bomb!

They fizz, dissolve and smell great too. Take your bath bombs home for yourself or as gifts! 


Kids love slime and we are experts in gloop!

Everyone makes their own pot of slime with various colours to choose from, and takes it home.

We use the best professional ingredients, no short cuts.


In this engaging and rewarding activity, children will be taught how to create and launch their very own rocket, that they’ll be able to take home as a memento!

This works well either as a drop in or workshop.

Halloween Entertainment Specialists

Our amazing Halloween themed or Harry Potter inspired spooky science workshops are extremely exciting and really unique with bubbling fizzing potions in cauldrons, dry ice demo’s, goblin-goo, static zombies, balancing batty bats….and more, we can create a fantastic spooky workshop.

We have décor and props, and Clive our resident full sized skeleton is always happy to come out of box to welcome young witches and wizards!

Art & Craft Science

Combine creativity and science to make you very own artwork to keep! Have fun, make memories and let you imaginations flow!

Chromatography trolls, critter hunters, magnet mazes, magic wands, biomimicry art….and so many more!

Themed science

We have bundles of ideas and activities to match your theme or event.

From spooky Halloween potion making to Santa science to eggsciting Easter science…

we can provide themed events for any special occasion. 

Bespoke Edutainment

Get in touch if you are after a personalised, bespoke science entertainment for your special event.

We’re convinced that the most effective way to learn is through fun, physical activity and laughter.

‘Edutainment’ says no to boring teaching!


4) Online Workshops

These are usually an hour and really fun & hands on.
We’ve been running online classes for schools and charities, as well as our own online clubs, since 2020, bringing children together from across the world engage in fun learning.
We can provide you with individually packaged kits for your families or run a session with easily sourced materials that they’d find at home. 
Sessions start at £80.


Check out our Youtube Channel for videos and shorts of our science events, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we post photos regularly of what we are getting up to.


  • Tatiana Lytvynenko, West Devon Borough Council

    I sincerely thank you for serving us at our Homes for Ukraine event. Thanks for providing us excellent service. We are impressed with your professionalism, we have got a lot of thankful feedbacks and especially from happy kids!!!

    Tatiana Lytvynenko, West Devon Borough Council
  • Aidan, aged 8
    The sick experiment was my favourite
    Aidan, aged 8
  • Dylan, aged 6
    I liked the gene making, but everything was good
    Dylan, aged 6
  • Hope, aged 11
    You and the group were amazing
    Hope, aged 11
  • George, aged 11
    Me and Jack's favourite was the owl pellet, everything you do is perfect.
    George, aged 11
  • Ellie, Mid Devon
    Ruth’s science sessions have been wonderful for my children recently and they have all got so much from them. It really brings the fun of science to life for them and makes them enthusiastic about it. So much so that when my daughter had a day at school recently where they had to dress as what they would like to do when they are older she went as a scientist!!
    Actually we have been so impressed with the sessions that we booked Ruth for my daughters birthday party and the kids all had a ball. Ruth’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I would highly recommend her sessions as well as the birthday parties! They are also amazing value for money.
    Ellie, Mid Devon
  • Zoe Graham
    My two sons have completed their first Crest Award and I can’t recommend Ruth highly enough! They have learnt so much, had incredible fun and blossomed! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sciencedipity
    Zoe Graham
  • Corina Zacks
    My son is new to Sciencedipity, but he looks forward to going and is all excited and enthusiastic when he leaves, it's fun and engaging for the children, Ruth is welcoming and very friendly!! And in the words of my son it's "10/10, 100/100 and 1000/1000
    Corina Zacks
  • Jenna Thrupp
    My son has been to a few workshops now and has absolutely loved them all!
    Jenna Thrupp
  • Jenna, Tiverton

    My son has been to a few workshops now and has absolutely loved them all!

    Jenna, Tiverton
  • Corina, Barnstaple

    My son is new to Sciencedipity, but he looks forward to going and is all excited and enthusiastic when he leaves, it's fun and engaging for the children, Ruth is welcoming and very friendly!! And in the words of my son it's "10/10, 100/100 and 1000/1000

    Corina, Barnstaple
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