Did you buy or get a microscope for Christmas? Perhaps you have one stuffed away in a cupboard not being used!
Join me live and online for a Free Science Class for home-education. The online workshop will help you get to know your microscope, learning the parts, what things to look at, how to prepare samples, and how to have success every time. The session is free!
read on for more details 👇👇👇

I love microscopy and have spent many years working with microscopes and teaching kids and adults the marvels of the hidden world around us in plain sight!


I’m sad to hear about microscopes being forgotten about or people having trouble getting it to work. Some things, the lenses or condenser for example, may need tweaking and realigning, and once you get the hang of you ‘scope its easy to explore the fascinating miniature world.


If your microscope is actually be broken, then this free science workshop isn’t for you, sorry – I’m not an expert at fixing them, but I might be able to suggest what’s wrong.


I’m running 2 free sessions:

“Get Started with your Microscope” on Feb 5th 11-11.45 

and a second follow-up session 2 weeks after the first one

“Next Steps with your Microscope” on Feb 19th 11-11.45


You need to book a space and bookings are open now – all free, no strings attached!

If you can’t make it, let me know by emailing me (Ruth) on [email protected], or texting 07847006048, or you can cancel your booking via a link in your booking confirmation email.


BOOK a place on “Get Started with your Microscope”


BOOK a place on “Next Steps with your Microscope”



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Look forward to seeing you soon.

Bye for now

Chief Scientist at Devon Science

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