Our five favourite easy science experiments you must try!

Here at Sciencedipity we love science (of course!), so we have compiled our five favourite easy science experiments you should try. They are very easy to do, packed full to the brim with science,  because of their easily accessible components there’s every reason to have a go!


5th Place: Balancing Skeleton

Coming in 5th place is the mystical, gravity-defying Balancing Skeleton! You can do it right now! Do you have loose change? A printer or just a pen and paper? That’s all you need for this activity. It’s incredibly effective and teaches about the centre of balance in objects!  Click here to find a tutorial and template!  


4th Place: Rainbow Skittles

In fourth you see the rainbow skittles experiment. This is a wonderful experiment that demonstrates the science of colours and diffusion producing a real wow response! You only need a plate, skittles (or similar) and some water. To fully expand your child’s scientific working you should change a variable, such as: the liquid, the sweet, the colour of sweet, etc. How about filming the reaction and flexing your child’s IT skills by letting them film the reaction then editing to speed it up or in reverse?  You can use your own materials or buy the kit containing all you need here.


3rd Place: Bath Bombs

Did you know you can make your own bath bombs? You can! It’s easy, fun, and affordable! It’s an amazing reaction and a fantastic introduction to chemistry! You can read the instructions and ingredients here or buy the bath bomb kits here!  


2nd Place: Paper Towel Magic

Coming in second place is Paper Towel Magic! This takes second place because it is easy, fast, and yet incredibly effective! All you need are paper towels, colouring pens, water and a permanent marker. Watch the video above using equipment that you definitely have at home right now!


1st Place: Red Cabbage pH Indicator

In first place…its……red cabbage pH indicator. Such a simple way to create your own pH indicator and test whatever you want to see whether everyday substances are an acid or an alkali! If you want an extremely colourful and science-y experiment to try, be sure to give this one a go! It is amazing to explore nature and find out what’s an acid or alkali. Use this link to see the different colour the red cabbage juice changes to. For some extra fun: have a go at mixing the two together!


Bonus Science: Slime!

Of course, slime must make an appearance on our list of best science experiments. We have made tonnes of slime with kids over the years and written a lot about slime.  Slime never gets boring and is always easy to create as many variations as you can think of! You can buy the basic slime kit here  or how about the thermochromic scented slime kit?

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